Custom Installations + Infinite Possibilities

With our Designer Tiles getting a customized contemporary art installation has never been easier.  Created with flexibility in mind our designer tiles give you the freedom to curate a fine art installation totally customized to fit your unique space.  Use one of our prearranged layouts or browse the tile collection to mix and match your own personalized assortment.  Choose to have them printed on photographic paper for use in traditional frames or have them printed on canvas and gallery wrapped for a modern look.  Have your tiles printed to any size large or small to seamlessly fit your space.  With hundreds of color schemes and combinations to choose from this designer favorite offers truly infinite possibilities.

choose from 100s of color schemes

dozens of prearranged assortments

tiles available in any size, large or small

mix and match to design your own arrangement

available on traditional photo paper or canvas

use traditional frames or a canvas gallery wrap

Tile Collection

Browse our collection of tiles and create your own assortment.  Get creative, mix and match, choose 1, 2, 3 or 10.  Have them printed to any size on any surface.  Tip: Square sizes are perfect for using easy to find frames for your local hobby store.

Prearranged Assortments

Choose from some our prearrange tile sets.  These assortments, designed by Taylor, are ready to be printed.  Just pick the size and paper type and we do the rest.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

The Art Tiles work great as canvas gallery wraps.  This options allows you have your artwork delivered ready to hang.  After printing and varnishing the canvas is stretched around heavy duty wood frame bars.  Please contact us for details & pricing

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